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Sometimes you just never know where the day will take you in New York. I had plans to meet someone for drinks but then someone else invited us to a penthouse roof party with some pretty intimidating creative people but of course we couldn't say no and boy were we glad we didn't. One of the people at the party was Shamir Shah, an architect and interior designer with his own firm, who has also designed some pretty impressive residential buildings and commercial spaces. I like that his style is consistent but tailors the design to the space and probably the client. Some are more spare and modern while others are more detailed and colorful. I think we're going to be hearing more about him for a long time to come.

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Who Are You Sleeping On?

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Who knew a simple question about ironing sheets could lead to so many comments! Thanks to everyone shared their ironing or non-ironing habits! The consensus seems to be that most people change their sheets once a week and there are a lot of other particular people out there who love ironed sheets as much as I do! Now I don't feel so bad!

That leads to my next question, what is your favorite brand for linens? I have a two wonderful sets from Yves Delorme that are my favorites. They are a bit of a sateen which is why I think they don't look too badly wrinkled out of the dryer and are wonderfully soft. I also own Matouk but they never look as nice. I bought the Bachelor two sets from Restoration Hardware but they didn't look too good out of the dryer, hence the ironing. But David Jimenez has the same linens on his beds and they look pristine. I think he has a little help though.

So who do you prefer to sleep on? Frette, Matouk, Leontine, D. Porthault, Calvin Klein, Sweitzer, Pratesi, Restoration Hardware, Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn, Ikea? Please tell us who and why!
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Do You Iron Your Sheets?

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We've been having many discussions about bed linens at work this week since we are sourcing them for clients. This lead to more discussions about who irons them and who doesn't and how often they change them. I have also been dealing with linens at the Bachelor Pad since he is out of town and I thought it would be nice if he returned to find the bed dressed with the new linens. I spent more time than I would have liked trying to iron the sheets and shams with a sad old Black & Decker iron that will be replaced on my next trip to Gracious Home. And then I wondered what will happen when I'm not there to deal with them. The cleaning lady changes them but I can't imagine her ever ironing them!

Anyway, I only iron the tops of my flat sheets since that is all you see and all the shams. Some people iron the flat sheets while they are on the bed. Others have their "housekeeper" iron the tops in between washings while on the bed. (That's a bit strange since technically she's ironing "dirty" sheets.) I also hear Oprah likes to have hers changed every other day but when you're a billionaire I guess you're entitled to clean sheets whenever you want them. So I'm curious, do you iron your sheets? Do you think people who do are crazy or just very particular? And how often do you change them?

All linens and photos from Leontine Linens

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Christopher Draghi: Photographer Extraordinaire

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I love meeting people who are passionate about their work, especially those involved in art and design and this past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two such wonderful people. The first was a private art consultant who paid her dues and now has an enviable life, in addition to being the sweetest person I've ever met. She and I are going to collaborate on a future blog post and I can't wait to learn more about the New York art world from her!

The second was my new favorite photographer, Christopher Draghi. I was first introduced to his work when I stopped by Flair and have been smitten ever since. His photographs of statues from Florence and the Louvre are so beautiful that they seem to come to life. In fact one reader thought one of them was a real person! So I was even more surprised that photography is not his main focus and that he actually has a day job in addition to many other side projects. If the rest of them are as good as his photography, then the world of art and design is one lucky place!

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Jeffrey Bilhuber's Design Basics

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I've had a few people ask me to recommend a good design book for the non-professional and I never had a good suggestion until I came across Jeffrey Bilhuber's Design Basics. It's well written and gives great advice on how the design process works whether you're working with a professional or doing it yourself. And as you can see by the examples here, Bilhuber knows of what he speaks. Oh, and he's Anna Wintour's interior designer. She wrote the foreword to his book and you know if she stands behind someone, they've got to be good! He also has a new book coming out this October, Defining Luxury: The Qualities of Life at Home. I know I for one can't wait!

"Jeffrey's totally American with a candor and lively spirit embraces whatever he does in a very attractive way." - Albert Hadley

" Jeffrey's great at taking one's own taste and making it better." - Anna Wintour

"Jeffrey Bilhuber's interiors have the all-American elegance of a latter day Billy Baldwin." - Hamish Bowles

"He has a sensitivity, trying to get a sense of clients of what they really like and how they live, and a sense of proportion and comfort." - Elsa Peretti

"I feel that I have lived here forever and that we've done it ourselves. That's due to Jeffrey's gift for listening and taking everything and everyone, in." - Mariska Hargitay

"Bilhuber has the ability to make complicated things seem simple and to translate difficult ideas with clarity and wit." - Miguel Flores-Vianna

"Bilhuber works a polished American style that makes traditionalism look like the next great trend." - Sarah Medford

"She wanted something with a modern sensibility but didn't want to turn her back on the past." - Jeffrey Bilhuber

"I just feel so lucky." - Andrea Stark

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