I Heart New York

Everyone who lives in New York has a love/hate relationship with the city and if they say they don't, they are lying. Some days just start off on the wrong foot like this morning. I was more than slightly hungover and very tired. I was running late for work. It was hazy, hot and humid so I was sweating through my dress my 9:00am and the city smelled like garbage. My hair was out of control even pulled back in a ponytail. But then just like in any relationship, the city does something to remind you why you love it.

I decided to walk home across the park tonight after an appointment on the West Side and there was barely anyone out. All the tourists were safely back at their hotels. The joggers were done. The crazy cyclists too. The Day Lilies were asleep for the night. It was just me alone enjoying the peace which was later broken by some lovely music wafting out from a concert at Summer Stage. Turns out it was Mark Knopfler. Couldn't have been a nicer ending to my day. Thanks New York. I still heart you.

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