Someone Please Buy This

I did a little shopping in Soho after work on Friday while someone else was doing a little golfing. (Hmmm...wonder who that was.) Anyway, one of the places I stopped into was Lobel Modern. They have the most fabulous furniture but it was the art that caught my eye. One piece that would be perfect for above the sofa in the Bachelor Pad and then there was the "Monumental Abstract Pastel Drawing" by George Vihos from 1972 that was the showstopper. It's huge at 7 feet high by 9 feet long and beautifully encassed in acrylic and framed in chrome. It's also quite a bargain at $15,000 for a work that large and well done by a listed artist. I hope someone buys this and gives it a good home. I know I would if I had the money and the space. Oh, they offer a designer discount if that helps!

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