Who Are You Sleeping On?

Who knew a simple question about ironing sheets could lead to so many comments! Thanks to everyone shared their ironing or non-ironing habits! The consensus seems to be that most people change their sheets once a week and there are a lot of other particular people out there who love ironed sheets as much as I do! Now I don't feel so bad!

That leads to my next question, what is your favorite brand for linens? I have a two wonderful sets from Yves Delorme that are my favorites. They are a bit of a sateen which is why I think they don't look too badly wrinkled out of the dryer and are wonderfully soft. I also own Matouk but they never look as nice. I bought the Bachelor two sets from Restoration Hardware but they didn't look too good out of the dryer, hence the ironing. But David Jimenez has the same linens on his beds and they look pristine. I think he has a little help though.

So who do you prefer to sleep on? Frette, Matouk, Leontine, D. Porthault, Calvin Klein, Sweitzer, Pratesi, Restoration Hardware, Martha Stewart, Pottery Barn, Ikea? Please tell us who and why!

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