Bachelor Pad August Update

Everyone has been asking about the Bachelor Pad so I guess an update is in order. I can't show too many photos because I don't want to ruin the big reveal but I thought a before and after photo of the bathroom wouldn't hurt.

I had the bathroom painted in Benjamin Moore White Ice which I thought would be a pale blue but it looks a little bit more green. Either that or the original green walls are affecting the color. It actually worked out well though because the bachelor owned a vintage French art poster from the 60's that looks perfect in the space. I also bought all Jonathan Adler white lacquer bathroom accessories and a new shower curtain from Restoration Hardware. The funny thing is that I bought the old white one for the bachelor almost a year ago when a visit to his apartment revealed no curtain or liner. (I can only imagine the reason why but let's not go there.) Even funnier since he lives a stone's throw away from Gracious Home which is where I bought it.

Still not sure why he charges all his electronics in the bathroom but maybe we can work on that next!

We're having a bit of a lull in the action at the Bachelor Pad due to some "financial restructuring" so since I can't buy anything, I've been working on some organizational projects including the closets. I have four down and only one to go! There is nothing that makes me happier than to look at all the pretty shirts lined up on matching hangers. It is a far cry from the wire hangers from the drycleaner that they were hanging on before. I would have liked to have repainted all the insides of the closets but I decided that was way too much trouble and no one would have appreciated that but me anyway.

"No more wire hangers!"

While I was in the Hamptons last week, I picked up this wonderful little painting at the Silas Marder Gallery in Sag Harbor. They have a lot of great works so if you're in the area, you should definitely stop by and also their other location in Bridgehampton. The photo is a little fuzzy so I apologize but the shagreen box is by R&Y Augousti and holds all his cuff links. The vintage bedside tables are from Pieces in Atlanta and the lamps are from Crate and Barrel. Oh, and the little Asian accent cup is from Pearl River Mart. A motley assorted crew of objects but that's what makes it look personal and not like someone came in and "designed" the place.

Every time I visit the Bachelor Pad, I love looking out the bedroom window at this beyond ridiculous penthouse apartment or apartments. I'm still not sure how many floors they have or what is going on in the part that looks like it held an old water tower but I'm determined to find out! I'll keep you posted!

So that's it for now. We still need to find chairs and an entertainment console for the living room but it's not for a lack of trying. I think I've shown him a million different options so I might just have to make an executive decision soon so I can be done with it. I also need to hang the mirror above the entry console and all the artwork, as well as lay the new bedroom rug. I'm waiting until the last possible minute to lay the old living room rug since we just had it cleaned and I saw what he did to it before. Boys will be boys you know. There is still a lot to do but I hope it's done soon because I'm ready for a a place where people clean up after me for once! Or maybe the people in the penthouse would just let me go sit on their terrace!

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