The Bachelor Pad Design Progression

There has a bit more progress at The Bachelor Pad recently! Woo hoo! The bedroom rug was laid by some very lovely men from The Padded Wagon Friday. My friend thought that perhaps we could do it ourselves with maybe a little help from her boyfriend but I'm so glad I paid professionals to do it! They actually moved the bed completely out of the way and did a much better job than we ever would have in a much shorter amount of time...and without hurting themselves! It looks so beautiful too! The bachelor says the bedroom is his favorite part of the project so far and it does look pretty good, if I do say so myself. The chairs by the window make it more of a space where you might want sit in and read than just a room with a bed where you sleep. The whole place is becoming much for comfortable and inviting...and a bit grown up! Which was the whole point of the redesign in the first place!

My favorite area so far is the entry. It's such a change from the previous ginormous bookcase of clutter that previously lived in the space, see below! I hung the new mirror and the great art I bought at Christopher Filley Antiques in Kansas City on Friday as well. First, remind me never to attempt to lift and hang a mirror that weighs more than I do above my head. I hung it too low at first and had to move it and thought I was going to break my arm! This is what happens when you are trying to save money and do everything yourself. I told you that interior design wasn't as glamorous as you thought! Especially, when you are on your hands and knees with a tiny little paint brush touching up the baseboards! But that's a story for another day! I'm still looking for some little benches or maybe a trunk for underneath the console to hide the outlet but for now it's fine without them.

I also really love the artwork and am so happy that I was finally able to hang it! There are seven framed images from a book of the sculptures of Versailles and two beautiful etchings that have the most gorgeous blue French mats I have ever seen. I especially love how the blue pops against the brown walls. I'm hoping to bring in a bit more blue to the living/office/dining side of the room and plan to hang the framed maps of Cape Cod on the dining wall.

The bachelor also let me buy a console for the television wall and a new desk chair so we are definitely on a roll. I am also about to call Housing Works to take the last of the old furniture away...unless someone would like some blue ladder back chairs with rush seats. They are actually nice but not the right style for this new grown up sophisticated apartment. Now if the bachelor would just grow up, we'd be all set!

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