Shopping and Shots?

Usually, I would advise anyone against shopping and drinking but in the case of men, they can sometimes use a stiff drink to get them through the task. Perhaps that's why I heard today from Urban Daddy that J. Crew is opening a shop in a former bar in Tribeca. Or my guess is that they want to start competing with places like Freemans and Rugby. Regardless, it's a fun concept and they've brought on Andy Spade as consultant. Seems he has a lot of free time on his hands since he and Kate sold their company.

According to Urban Daddy, "you'll find an extremely approachable, well-curated selection of J.Crew limited editions (suits, cashmeres), outside collaborations (Mackintosh coats, Thomas Mason shirting), best-in-breed gear (Alden shoes, Baracuta jackets) and vintage finds (tie bars, old Rolexes) that will help you tie together the classic American Steve McQueen look you've been cultivating." I might have to stake out the store to find one of these Steve McQueen wannabees! I will give J. Crew credit for thinking outside the regular retail store box though. I just wonder what they'll try next!

235 West Broadway at White Street

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