Built In Chic

I'm not usually a fan of built-ins or cerused oak but for some reason, I really love this apartment. Built-ins are perfect in smaller spaces such as this one where every square foot has to work. It's also another great example of the more masculine designs that I'm drawn to.

The apartment was designed by Andrew Halliday and David Greer who are known for their "bespoke" millwork. The owner wanted cerused oak after seeing it used in libraries in France. It also warms up what could have been a cold glass box in a brand new building.

Of course, I love the wall of art which includes works by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Cy Twombly among others. The art is separate but hung so it makes an even bigger piece of art.

The living and dining rooms are combined in one space and looks out on the new Hearst Tower and was published in House Beautiful.

I wish my bachelor could afford Hermes china! Maybe someday! The pattern here is Chain d'Ancre.

The oak in the study/guestroom is ebonized cerused oak and has a desk that lifts off to make room when the sofa bed is pulled out.

I love shagreen and the color orange so I especially love this desk that also has a lacquered interior. The orange was actually based on the orange of an Hermes box. Tres chic!

The vintage planes are from Bizarre Bazaar, this cool store near my apartment on East 65th Street. They always have interesting vintage items.

The built-ins continue into the bedroom where the other side are closets and the bed and side tables are also cerused oak.

The walls are all seagrass which I always love. It's great for adding color and texture if someone doesn't like pattern per se. The photo of The Beatles adds a fun touch of whimsy while the fur adds some serious luxury. Overall the space is simple but with really fabulous details that make it a stand out. I'm sure there will be some who don't like it but I hope they will appreciate the amount of design and work that went into it. The only problem with built-ins is that when the guy moves, he'll have no furniture!

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