Say It Isn't So!

One of my readers just informed me that Charlotte Moss is closing The Townhouse and WWD confirms the story.
Almost a year and a half after opening her East 63rd Street flagship to much hype, interior designer Charlotte Moss is closing the shop at the end of next month. “This was a difficult decision based on personal considerations,” Moss said. “While the interest in the store was gratifying, the demands of running the boutique and at the same time maintaining my interior design practice, licensing product and other aspects of my business were crowding out all of the other facets of my life — time for myself, my family, and my philanthropic and community work.”

So sad that she has to close before Christmas. I was looking forward to heading over there to do some holiday shopping. I wonder what will become of the space...but what I really want to know is if there will be a closeout sale!

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