White After Labor Day

Usually by this time of the year, I'm officially over summer and ready to break out my fall clothes but not this year! Maybe because I spent so much time working or maybe because I don't know what I will wear when I put away my white dresses and my white Goyard bag! Of course, it stays warm through October so it's not exactly fall weather right now anyway and since rules are meant to be broken I will probably throw on a white dress tomorrow. I might make a concession and carry a brown handbag though. I have put away anything linen or very summery but will definitely not be putting away my white jeans for a few more weeks.

The Sartorialist photographed fashion editor Giovanna during fashion week last fall and she clearly doesn't subscribe to the "no white after Labor Day rule" but she is Italian so perhaps they don't have that fashion rule since Labor Day is an American holiday! What about you? Will you wear white after Labor Day?

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