Make mine a double!

Now that I'm almost finished decorating my apartment for the holidays, I was thinking that I should invite my friends over. Only problem is that I don't have a bar so I've been pouring through my files for inspiration. The holy grail of bars of course belonged to designer David Hicks. When I attended his son Ashley's recent lecture on his work, he posted the photo above and quoted his father who declared, "I like rows and rows of tonic bottles, apple, tomato juice, two or three syphons of spirits lined up behind each other; it gives a generous, welcoming atmosphere, and if a bus-load of friends descend upon you, you are ready for them." Looks like I have some shopping to do!

Designer Miles Redd has my second most favorite bar that takes it cue from David Hicks. He also outlines a list of essential items for a well stocked bar in House Beautiful here. It's a perfect list for me to take shopping!

Miles' bar and a few of the others include tortoise shell glassware that I think I will be adding to my list. I love the look!

One of my other favorite bar looks was from Eddie Ross' old apartment featured in Domino. Eddie collected all of his silver from the flea markets so looks like I will be making a few trips there myself!

In Eddie's new house in the country featured in Lonny, he has his bar on the cart he found when we went to the flea market together!


Paco Munoz in Spanish AD

Ron Marvin in Lonny

Deborah Needleman in Lonny

Lindsey Coral Harper

Tori Mellott in Domino

Thom Filicia Designer Visions Showhouse


Carolina Irving in Lonny

Rita Konig

Mike Thompson

Markham Roberts


Thom Filicia in Domino

Joe Nye in House Beautiful

Miles Redd in House

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel

de Menil bar in a closet

Francisco Costa bar in a closet

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