Yes Please!

The clock hasn't even struck 2010 yet and I'm already thinking about where I want to go in the new year. I just ran across photos of the Uxua Casa Hotel in Brazil that are quickly pushing it to the top of the list. The property was developed by Wilbert Das, the creative director of Diesel, who bought it from a group of "Swiss hippies who'd been there since the 1970's." I love the rustic simplicity of the casas but since I don't love actually roughing it, it's nice to know that it offers 5-star amenities. They also give back to the area by maintaining a school for the locals whom they train and employ. The design was influenced by many of the different settlers who ended up in Brazil including the Portuguese. Maybe that's why it remind me a little of Jacques Grange's chic getaway in Portugal that I wrote about a few months ago. Since I don't see Mr. Grange inviting me to join him on holiday, I am happy I found Uxua Casa Hotel! So what's at the top of your travel list for 2010?

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