Anya Hindmarch for Barbour

Even though I'm a New York City girl, I dream about spending weekends in the English countryside wearing Barbour and Wellies to shooting parties. I think I've spent too much time watching Gosford Park! But since I just heard that Anya Hindmarch is designing a capsule line of jackets for the venerable British label, I am hoping they will be chic enough to wear in the city. Or maybe I just need to find a country house upstate! The real English countryside might be a bit too rainy for me! I'll definitely keep you posted when I finally see the jackets and make my decision!

UPDATE: I just picked up the February 2010 issue of Town & Country magazine that includes a great article about Anya Hindmarch and how she started her company. Definitely check it out!

Oh, and Anya's apartment is just as chic as her bags!

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