Mellow Yellow and Grey

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I've been hearing from a lot of readers that they miss hearing about my design projects. I completely understand and will definitely be posting about them again but not until after they are finished. A top design magazine editor just warned me again last week not to post any photos if I hope to get them published. Not sure if that will actually happen but I'd like to at least try so for now, I'm listening to his advice. But from the beginning, my blog has always been an online version of my inspiration board and right now, I'm inspired by grey and yellow. These are just some of the images that are currently the inspiration for a guest room for one of my projects. I especially love the look of yellow draperies. Enjoy!

Canadian House and Home Magazine

Tibi designer Amy Smilovic Living Room by Bruce Shostak

Willem de Kooning

Deborah Needleman's Bedroom

Fawn Galli

Celerie Kembel

Dries van Noten Store in Paris

Steven Gambrel

Will Wick

Elizabeth Peyton

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Richard Ginori at Barneys

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I didn't make it to The Whitney yesterday but I still saw some fabulous art. It was just in the form of Richard Ginori hand painted china at Barneys. While collection looked fabulous en masse, I could also picture it looking especially bellissimo mixed with Haviland Limoges Lacque de Chine China. And it makes me want to pick up a paint brush! Ciao!

Top Photo: Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic
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Whitney Biennial

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The New York weather has left something to be desired lately and I can't think of any better place to escape to than a museum. I'll admit that sometimes contemporary art leaves me scratching my head but getting out of your comfort zone and the comfort of your own home can be inspiring so I think I am going to check out the Whitney Biennial this weekend. The show runs through May 30, 2010 and only happens every two years so if you miss it now, you'll have to wait a while until you can see it again. Bon Weekend!

Pae White, Smoke Knows, 2009. Cotton and polyester, 114 × 258 in. (289.6 × 655.3 cm). Collection of the artist; courtesy greengrassi, London and 1301PE, Los Angeles. Photograph by Fredrik Nilsen
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Speaking of Anna

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That picture of Anna Wintour in the snow had me thinking about her style. She has clearly found what works for her and each outfit is a variation on that theme. She usually wears a suit or a dress that is either slim or has a nipped in waist. Sometimes it's a little sweater and skirt combination. In the summer, she completes the look with a pair of sandals and in the winter, it's always a pair of knee high boots and tights. I don't think anyone does winter as well as Anna. She's dresses for the weather but always remains stylish. Like Tory Burch, she also always looks like herself and even though she has a wardrobe allowance, if you look close, she does wear her clothes more than once. She just accessorizes them differently. I love that she's not afraid of color and pattern as well. She also tops every look with a coat that perfectly complements it. While Anna Wintour and Vogue are usually the one who tell us who the style icons are, I consider her one as well and I'd love to peek inside her closet! I bet it's fabulous!

Photos by
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Another Snow Day

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It's still snowing in New York and since I doubt I will look as chic as Ms. Wintour if I go out today, I think I will stay in and continue watching The September Issue. This wicked weather has also strengthened my resolve to plan a vacation to a warmer and sunnier city! And I might just stay there until Spring!

Photo by Tommy Ton for
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That Wallpaper

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Sometimes I just assume that my readers have already read about something so I don't mention it. But apparently not everyone does know about the zebra wallpaper that was featured in one of Kate and Andy Spade's bathroom above because I've had quite a few people email me about it. The Zebra wallpaper is available from Scalamandre and has a fun back story.

Gino Circiello, who although born in Buenes Aires had an Italian father who worked as a chef so after he immigrated to the United States, Gino decided to open an Italian restaurant at 780 Lexington Avenue in New York with two of his friends. According to The New York Times, "Mr. Circiello was a hunter without the means to pay for an African safari, but he reasoned that he could at least afford zebras on his wallpaper." He commissioned his friend Franco Scalamandre to design wallpaper depicting leaping zebras pursued by arrows. The wallpaper is now synonymous with Gino's and made the place a New York institution. I often walk by it but have yet to eat there so I think I might have to make a reservation soon!

I have also read that Wes Anderson was a huge fan of the zebra wallpaper which is why he used it for Margot Tanenbaum's bedroom and bathroom in the movie The Royal Tanenbaums.

The zebra wallpaper was recently seen in the December issue of ELLE DECOR in a powder room designed by Miles Redd.

Interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper also used the iconic zebra wallpaper in her bathroom.

In addition to the original Masai Red color and the Serengeti Green in the Spades bathroom, it also comes in Zanzibar Gold and Safari Brown. I've never seen anyone use these colors though so if you have, please let me know. The best part of the story of Gino's is that Mr. Circiello's restaurant was a huge success and he was finally able to afford that trip to Africa! I love a story with a happy ending!

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Ace of Spades

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I've mentioned before that I've been going through my old tear sheets and one of the folders contained numerous magazine articles that featured Kate and Andy Spade's apartment. In my opinion, it's one of those timeless homes that will probably look as good in 30 years as it does after three which is a testament to the chic taste of it's owners as well as their interior designer, Steven Sclaroff. Maybe also because they retained the beautiful pre-war details that a lot of other people might have ripped out. The fabulous art collection doesn't hurt either! It would be interesting to see if they've made any changes since it was last photographed. If you are curious as to what this creative couple has been up to since they left Kate Spade the company, they were just profiled in New York magazine. I hope the next interview is accompanied by more photos! Enjoy!

Photos by Tina Barney, Jason Frank Rothenberg, Noe DeWitt and Eric Morin
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