Phillip Lim at Home

I'm a huge fan of fashion designer Phillip Lim's clothing and jewelry and have always wanted to see inside his home. The New York Times Magazine gave us a little peek this weekend along with a question and answer feature. I love the floor to ceiling shelves above but still dying to see more. I hope another magazine will give us the full tour soon because these few pics were definitely not enough!

Blair Waldorf is also a fan of Phillip Lim and has worn a few of his fabulous frocks on Gossip Girl. As excited as I was to see inside Phillip's apartment, I'm even more excited that GG is starting back up tonight. It had just better not be as boring as the first half of the season or I think some fans are going to go all Georgina Sparks on the writers! XOXO!

Photos by Adam Krause for The New York Times

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