Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

One of my readers left a comment on my last post about how mirrored walls usually look tacky but that it looks beautiful in Gilles Mendel's duplex.  Mirrored walls used to get a bad rap but they are great for opening up spaces and reflecting light which is necessary in many small New York apartments.  I especially like when they are made up of smaller antiqued mirrored squares but I think all of these inspirational uses of mirror are very chic and definitely not tacky!  The antiqued mirrored wall in Todd Romano's old apartment above is one of my all time favorites!

 Bunny Williams also has a wall of antiqued mirror in her apartment.

In another view of Bunny Williams's living room, you can see how it reflects the artwork and mirror on the opposite wall.

Renea Abbott's mirrored wall reflects her beautiful living room too.

Another look at Gilles Mendel's mirrored living room.

 Chloe Sevigny as well as a few others have hung paintings over their mirrored walls.  

You can see how light is reflected from the mirrored wall in designer Lindsey Harper's living room.

Dining rooms are another popular room for mirrored walls as in Isabel Lopez Quesada's design.  I've seen this done where the mirrors are applied to jib doors that open to reveal storage for china and glassware.

The mirrored wall in the Janklow's old townhouse were very antiqued and I love how the wall color makes them look green.

Another mirrored wall in a dining room by Markham Roberts.

This mirrored dining room in Italy looks very elegant.

 Elsie de Wolfe popularized mirrored fireplaces. 

Elliott Puckette and Hugo Guinness hung a mirror over their mirrored fireplace wall in their Brooklyn townhouse.

 Chanel's mirrored staircase is one of the most famous mirrored walls in the world.

Mirrored backsplashes are a great way to open up small New York kitchens as Stephanie Stokes illustrates here. 

 Miles Redd also employed mirrored backsplashes in this dark kitchen.

Interior designer Allison Caccoma used mirrors under lattice in this kitchen and breakfast room.

Allison Sarofim had mirrors installed in her small bathroom which also opens up the space.

And last but not least, Miles Redd famous mirrored bathroom.  I don't think this would work for everyone but it might help motivate you to work out!

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