Blue Monday

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Even though red seems to be grabbing all the headlines lately, I've been noticing a lot of blue on and off the runway and in the home.  I absolutely love Todd Alexander Romano's new blue apartment that was featured in the February issue of Architectural Digest with its pops of citron, chartreuse and red.  I also noticed these same color combinations in many fashion photos from New York, London and Milan.  Makes me want to buy something blue today!

Photos by Thomas Loof for AD, Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist, Hanneli Mustaparta and Mr. Newton
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Gorgeous Gucci

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In 2009, Gucci moved their headquartes from Florence to Rome.  The offices are located in a historic building on Via del Banco di Santo Spirito.  The nine story palazzo was commissioned by Giulio Alberini, a wealthy merchant, and erected in 1515 and was designed by Raphael and his student Giulio Romano.  Gucci head designer Frida Gianinni told W magazine that she found the "palazzo through a family friend, it had just undergone a historical renovation by architecture firm Studio Gigli. Inside, new bathrooms and lighting fixtures had been added, and the frescoes were painstakingly restored. Outside, the facade had been scoured of all that big-city smog residue." The Ministry of Arts and Culture rules created a few complications for the day to day work at Gucci.  Soryboards and sketches that Giannini used to pin on her walls for inspiration have to lean on the floor due to the precious frescoes, “I can’t hang anything, let alone put lights up,” Giannini lamented.

The frescoed ceiling at Gucci.

Frida Giannini in her office.  I love the brass standing mirror in the corner!

I don't care for contemporary furniture when it's housed in a sleek interior but I do like the look juxtaposed with mouldings, boiseries and architectural details.  I always wonder if this is why Europeans love this type of furniture so much.  It always seems to look better in their older buildings. 

"For the decor, Giannini plucked furnishings from the blueprint she masterminded for the brand’s flagships in New York, Rome and Shanghai. Tables are crafted from shiny Indian rosewood, often bordered with rose gold–tinted brass; divans and chairs are made from mohair velvet; and smoky or clear glass inserts gussy up the doors."

Frida Giannini was also just interviewed by James Franco for the March 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar that includes a look into her home in Rome.  After watching the Oscars last night, I do not understand his appeal but at least her house is interesting. I especially love the Fernand Leger painting behind them.

The living room was decorated with art-deco pieces.

Frida sits in an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair in her study.

I love the railings along the stairs.

I love the simplicity of Frida's home.  Each piece of furniture becomes a work of art.

The kitchen is sleek and modern while the fur blanket softens the lines in the bedoom below. I know the Gucci office and Frida's home won't appeal to everyone but it really works for interiors in historic buildings in Rome.  More than I can say about James Franco at the Oscars.

Photos by Christopher Sturman and Douglas Friedman

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Oscar 2011 Best Dressed

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We didn't see much color on the red carpet at the 2011 Academy Awards but what we did see looked great!  The hands down favorite for best dressed goes to Mila Kunis in lavender Elie Saab.  She looked ridiculously gorgeous and probably made Jessica Biel sorry she didn't attend the ceremony with Justin Timberlake! 

Pregnant Natalie Portman looked pretty in plum Rodarte as did Scarlett Johansson in a similar shade of Dolce & Gabbana. This dress was not well received by most but I kind of liked it and thought she looked very pretty.

Both Michelle Williams and Cate Blanchett make short blonde hair look amazingly chic!  Michelle was wearing Chanel Haute Couture and Cate was in a very fashion forward Givenchy frock.  It was also not well liked but if anyone can pull off that type of dress, it's Cate Blanchett!

I still can't decide if I really like Gwyneth Paltrow's custom Calvin Klein dress and Louis Vuitton jewelry but shimmering pale shades were popular this year.  I thought Celine Dion looked amazing in her Giorgio Armani Prive gown with long sleeves.  I really hope sleeves make a come back.

Mandy Moore looked like a movie star in nude illusion Monique Lhuillier and 14 year old Haille Steinfeld looked like a princess in Marchesa.

Halle Berry also looked magnificent in Marchesa while Hillary Swank looked gorgeous in metallic and feathered Gucci. 

Hostess Anne Hathaway chose vintage Valentino in a stunning shade of red.  I hope Jesse James was regretting his decision to ever cheat on Sandra Bullock after seeing how beautiful she looked in her red Vera Wang gown. 

Orangey red was the choice of two Jennifers.  Versace made Jennifer Hudson's gown that was gorgeous.  I would have liked it even more if they had used a little more fabric on top.  While 20 year old Jennifer Lawrence looked age appropriate in a simple Calvin Klein sheath.

Reese Witherspoon was channeling the 1960's with her swingy ponytail and Giorgio Armani dress that was a huge hit.  I'm a little undecided about Amy Adams L'Wren Scott dress.  I love the dark blue color but the cap sleeves were a bit unflattering and the necklace was a bit high.  It's too bad they hadn't made it with more of a t-shirt type top.  But all in all, I think all the ladies looked great as did most of the men.  Who was your favorite this year?
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Oscars Greenroom

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Michael Smith must no longer be busy decorating the White House. He found time to design the official Architectural Digest Greenroom at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. The room was inspired by a 1940's library and even included Mr. Smith's own books. Since the Greenroom is the place where celebrities wait before going on stage, he thought that a library would be most relaxing.  If you watched the show, it seemed like all the stars were really relaxed so it must have worked. 

"It's terrifying to have to stand up in front of millions of people live," said Mr. Smith. "The most that you're going to spend in here is 15 minutes but I thought, everyone is comfortable in a library, right? It'll be a quiet place to collect your thoughts." 

“Having lived in California my whole life, I have always been thrilled by the movies, and the design and architecture that surround them,” says Smith. “I am always inspired by film. It is an honor to participate in the most prestigious of all Hollywood events.”
Photo by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest
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They don't make them like they used to...

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In honor of the Oscars, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some vintage stars and their statues.  I love how so many of them are genuinely smiling and happy.  Of course, if you just won an Academy Award, you'd be smiling too.  They just seem so much more relaxed than the stars of today. The focus seems more on the films and not the fashion.  They really don't make them like they used to! 

Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren, Joan Crawford and Fernando Lamas

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage.

Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly backstage.

Audrey Hepburn

Cary Grant

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher

Oleg Cassini and Grace Kelly

James Dean

Olivia de Havilland, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, and David Selznick

Paul Newman

Bette Davis, Marlon Brando, and Grace Kelly

Julie Andrews and Audrey Hepburn

Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty

Robert Redford

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward

Sidney Poitier and Anne Brancroft

Steve McQueen, wife Neile, Claudia Cardinale and Rock Hudson

Faye Dunaway photographed by Terry O'Neill at breakfast 29 March 1977 at the Beverly Hills Hotel the day after winning an Academy Award for Network.
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