20 Chic Questions with Chris Benz

I decided to ask Chris Benz some silly questions as part of my interview in my earlier post.  By the way, don't you just love how his hair coordinates with his chartreuse Hermes notebook?! 

1. Favorite book? Metropolitan Life –Fran Liebowitz
2. Who’s your dream client? Carol Channing
3. iPhone or BlackBerry? BlackBerry
4. Favorite color? Mustard Yellow
5. Favorite place in NYC? My stoop
6. Person you wish was on Twitter? Sophia Lamar
7. Favorite film? Six Degrees of Separation 
8. Diet Coke or coffee? Iced coffee
9. Favorite scented candle? Cire Trudon Revolution
10. Do you have pre-show ritual? Make sure I have gum in my pocket.
11. Favorite artist? Joan Miro
12. What’s on your iPod? Glee Sountracks
13. Early bird or night owl? Night owl
14. Favorite flower? Carnation
15. What websites do you read daily? Remodelista, Mister Mort, JJJJound
16. What do you think is chic? A blazer, tee shirt and ponytail.
17. Favorite comfort food? Cold pizza
18. Subway or taxi? Taxi
19. Favorite city? New York
20. Favorite quote? “Observe Yourself Living”

Photo by Joseph D'Arco

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