Chic Cafe Chairs

I am also looking for a cafe table and chairs for a small kitchen in one of my projects .  I would really love to be able to use these French cafe chairs but I'm not sure they will fit.  The most famous of them come from TK Collections which supplies chairs to almost all the cafes in Paris including a few I ate in during my last trip. I love the almost endless combination of colors and weaves.  As you can see from these examples, they add a cheerful pop of color to kitchens and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.  Probably why they the French have loved them for so long.  Bon Appétit!

Marshall Watson this photo and one above

Ashley Whittaker

Markham Roberts from May 2011 House Beautiful

Markham Roberts from May 2011 House Beautiful

Marshall Watson


Trad Home photo by Patrick Cline


Victoria Hagan

Victoria Hagan from Elle Decor

Victoria Hagan

Katie Ridder & Peter Pennoyer

Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer from Elle Decor

Katie Lee Joel from Domino magazine

Katie Lee Joel

John Oetgen from House Beautiful

Les Deux Magots cafe in Paris

Katie Ridder

Cafe de Flore in Paris

Paris in 1920's


Cafe de Flore by Edward Boubat from 1953

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Englander Line mengatakan...

I was thinking of buying premium quality cafe table and chairs in London for my newly launched restaurant at Birmingham until I got to see those wonderful pieces of restaurant tables and restaurant chairs that were showcased on the gallery of the top furniture store in London. I couldn’t wait to buy those chairs for my restaurant as they were all beautifully hand polished and upholstered with the finest quality fabric material.

6 Juli 2017 22.51

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