More Chic Stripes

As much as I love them, I don't think I have the patience, energy or budget to have stripes painted in my new apartment.  But I was thinking that maybe I could handle them in the bathroom.  Black and white seems to be a popular choice as seen by Stephen Shubel, above who used them twice.  I love the yellow although that color won't work in my space, the teal blue shade could be a contender.  I definitely see some paint samples in my future.

J.Crew Collection store in Lonny


Stephen Shubel

Alessandra Branca via Elle Decor

John Learner via Elle Decor


Jamie Creel via Elle Decor

House Beautiful

Leslie Klotz via House Beautiful


Krista Ewart via Domino Book of Decorating
Joe Nye via House Beautiful

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