Blass Act

Since I mentioned fashion designer Bill Blass in my last post, I thought his One Sutton Place apartment deserved a little love.  I've found a lot more photos of the elegant apartment since I first wrote about it in 2008.  I still love his quote about interior design, "I have always thought that fashion designers are the best interior designers. I love it. It's all a question of the eye; you are soliciting the same innate talent."

"There is nothing feminine about that apartment on Sutton Place or the Connecticut house.  There's nothing feminine about the way he entertains.  The flowers are not feminine.  There's just a bunch of one of a kind." - Mica Ertugun

"There's no question that I find houses and decorating absolutely fascinating.  That really turns me on. That's when I get excited." - Bill Blass

Blass worked on the One Sutton Place apartment with Chessy Rayner and Mica Ertugun of the interior design firm MAC II.

As any apartment does, it went through changes over the years and his famous Picasso drawing replaced a map over the fireplace.

I might have to go back to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to see if left them this head.

"There is a sense of dignity, a simplicity and a classicism in my clothes which can be read into the apartment. As I am surrounded with colours and fabric all day I look forward to a monochromatic home. I work in fashion - I don't want to live somewhere that looks fashionable." - Bill Blass

"I moved in solely because of the height of the ceilings and the size of the rooms, and because they were square. I mean, square is the perfect shape for a room." - Bill Blass
"I absolutely believe in Pauline de Rothchild's theory that lamps are the most jarring note in almost any home.  She only brought them out at night when they were needed.  Otherwise, they were to be banished, like the Hoover sweeper." - Bill Blass

"What I have here is the result of a lifetime of collecting. There is no relationship between the things themselves - except that I like them. You know how American women choose to wear a dress and invest it with their own spirit: I admire that sort of philosophy, and when I collect things, I choose how they are going to look in my life. The way I decorated here was to surround myself with the things I love...and they all have great dignity. And although I choose all the furniture and pictures, I did, as a bachelor, seek out a woman to put it all together...I had the advice of Chessy Rayner." - Bill Blass

Drawing of Bill Blass bedroom by Jeremiah Goodman

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