Bare Blass

After I posted the Sutton Place apartment of Bill Blass, a few people mentioned his house in Connecticut.  I was waiting to post it until my copy of his book Bare Blass arrived.  I can't believe I didn't already own a copy.  Not only does he talk about his life and fashion but also his apartments and houses.  I highly recommend it for that reason alone.

"And then one day in 1976, Billy Baldwin and I were out looking for houses for sale in Connecticut, something we did a lot together, and I saw this wonderful old stone house.  It had such a dignity about it - and hideous red flocked wallpaper in the living room.  The place was built in 1770 as a tavern n the old Albany Post Road.  The house came with six acres, and I bought the adjacent apple orchard, or what was left of it.  Twenty-one acres in all.  I moved in a few months later." - Bill Blass

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