Inspiration is Everywhere

The themes that keep appearing for Spring 2012 fashion are color and pattern.  They also seems to be appearing off the runway.  Due to unseasonably warm weather in Paris, the street style photographers Tommy Ton, Phil Oh and others are catching the fashion flock looking a lot like peacocks. Obviously, you can take their outfits as literal fashion inspiration but I also see paint colors, ideas for upholstery, pillows, draperies, rugs, and more.  You could scheme an entire house in hues of these ensembles.  Just another example of how if you open your eyes, inspiration is everywhere.

Photos by Tommy Ton for , Phil Oh for, Vanessa Jackman

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Nikki Andrews mengatakan...

Wow, they are all stunning and beautiful! I love all the skirts and the heels. So colorful. I think I will buy similar to the animal print pencil knee length skirt. This I found online at Boutiqueken.

28 November 2016 06.08

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